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History & Chronology of Restwell lands

bulletPurchased from Pendergast Family in 1926.
bulletHerd of dairy cattle & 2 teams of horses.
bulletHouse, bunkhouse & barn.
bulletKnown as the
"Canmore Dairy".
bulletCattle sold in 1947.
bulletBarn demolished in 1949 & cabins built.
bulletTrans Canada Highway construction begins in 1956.
bulletHighway Crews looking for a work camp location.
bullet1959-Servicing of 14 sites for mobile homes.
bullet1960-Addition of washroom & laundry facilities.
bulletToday-220 mobile home sites, 250 RV sites, 6 service buildings, 2 homes, 5 cabins, main shop, garage & storage.

View Development Chronology through aerial photographs of the site taken over the years.

Wide view before Hwy 1
Wide view after Hwy 1
1969 View
1979 View
1988 View

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